Meet City Council

The 11-member City Council is the city's legislative body. Members of the City Council serve four-year terms and are elected on a staggered basis.

City Council Meetings

City Council meets in informal sessions prior to the start of formal sessions. Their start times are determined by the agenda. Agenda meetings are open to the public.

Other public meetings, such as various Commissions and Committees, may also involve City Council members. Schedule details may be obtained by calling the City Clerk's office at (757) 385-4303.

Addressing City Council

For an item already on the Council Agenda, register with the City Clerk or Deputy City Clerk by calling (757) 385-4303 prior to the meeting.

For an item NOT already on their Agenda, you must ask to do so in writing:

Office of the City Clerk
2401 Courthouse Drive
City Hall Building #1
Room 281
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

City Council Documents

Documentation of City Council meetings is available online.

Live Video Streaming is available during all public sessions of City Council and the Planning Commission, both online and on ​​TV.

Afterwards, these videos are archived online.​